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The Schizophrenic Unicorn:

Understanding the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia, the Centrality of Sleep, the Biopsychosocial Diagnostic Model of Mental Disorders, and Considering a Practical and Proven Alternative Approach


Book Summary

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“More than a literary work, Dr. Berger has brilliantly shown in his book, The Schizophrenic Unicorn, that the Word of God has the specific answers that much of science is searching for regarding the human soul and behavior. As a seasoned psychiatrist, I can tell you confidently that we do not need more psychiatric labels to find healing. Instead, we need more Scripture to consume our minds and to interpret God’s gift of science to us.”— Thiago de Souza Machado, MD, Psychiatrist



“Dr. Berger is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to understand psychiatry—a specialty that unduly assumes a medical authority appropriate only for other valid medical specialties. Dr. Berger’s book is a courageous voice that stands up against the system and skillfully uses the empirical evidence and the lading voices of psychiatry itself to knock down a sandcastle.


The construct of schizophrenia is a huge umbrella term that houses under it different conditions of suffering, and the imposition of this label sadly diverts the rightful focus from the real problem—denying the chance to provide useful help to the suffering individual. The author exhaustively examines the subject in detail and exposes the construct’s unscientific nature.


Moreover, Dr. Berger brilliantly points to the sufficiency of the Scriptures and how the Bible provides everything believers need to resolve deception in the human heart. He proposes a detailed path of care based on the Scriptures, giving true hope to those whose hope has been consumed by a grim false diagnosis. We need to shamelessly embrace a strictly biblical worldview and radically apply it to our lives. If we do not stand firm on the rock that is Christ, we will become prey to delusional thinking ourselves, as Paul warns us in Colossians 2:8.


I was immensely blessed by this book. I have 20 years of medical and psychiatric practice and can attest to the veracity of the claims in this book. Several of my questions were clarified, and I found clear explanations for phenomena that I observed for years in clinical practice but which lacked theoretical foundation and understanding. What is also important to consider is that this work rests firmly on the Bible and the best of science, which makes it an indispensable tool for instructing counselors, doctors, and servants of God to understand and care for people who have received the misleading label of schizophrenia. After reading the Schizophrenic Unicorn, I have better understanding and confidence in caring for people who have been diagnosed within my profession. This book also renewed my enthusiasm to care for people, free them from false concepts, and provide proven help and hope. I am grateful to the Lord for this book and to Dr. Berger for all his commitment, love, and generosity in soul care!”— Patrick de Castro Guimarães, MD, Psychiatrist



“The Schizophrenic Unicorn provides one of the most comprehensive nonpharmacological approaches to what traditional psychiatry calls schizophrenia. The etiology of the symptomatology is discussed in great detail, particularly in the area of sleep disturbances. Sleep as a preventative and therapeutic modality is analyzed very well. The need for a holistic approach to the schizophrenia concept includes a spiritual assessment specific enough to separate truth and deception. Applied Scripture provides a biblical foundation and mechanism for dealing practically with the issues of schizophrenia. The neural damage of antipsychotic medications and tapering techniques are expertly explored. This is an important book for all to read who either professionally deal with patients said to be schizophrenic or have friends who struggle in psychosis.” — Roy Hobbs, MD F.R.C.S(C) F.A.C.S



“Daniel Berger continues to ask the hard and most important questions to reveal the truth behind worldly assumptions presented as fact. Once again, he has produced a book that encourages counselors to put their full confidence in God’s Word and resist being intimidated by worldly dogmas.”— Stephen Ham, Pastor, ACBC certified Biblical counselor, author,



“I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Schizophrenic Unicorn. Dr. Berger has given great biblical context to the many manifestations of afflictions of the soul which are called mental illness by some, along with the biblical approach to the care and comfort and help for these people, who are esteemed important and worthy of help.  Both those who are sincere in their secular efforts to help and those who know and believe that God knows how to best care for those whom he has designed and created can benefit from reading and considering this comprehensive work.” — Richard A. Caputi, DPM, Certified Biblical Counselor

“Daniel Berger provides a much-needed critical look at the psychological label of schizophrenia. Berger shows that when the sufficient Scriptures and the truths found in scientific observation intersect, they will be in harmony. Berger provides an academic objective study of what is called schizophrenia, utilizing research and work done even by secularists in the helping fields, and shows how their findings actually serve to prove what God through the Scriptures has said all along. The interpretation of life, normalcy, and abnormal behavior makes the most sense when seen through the lens of a biblical worldview. Therefore, there is real hope for those who are dealing with the very real problems and behaviors that our world has labeled as schizophrenia and that hope is found in God’s sufficient Word. 


As Jay Adams once stated, ‘Schizophrenia, for the distinctively Christian counselor, provides no more or no less of a challenge than any other problem involving original sin, personal sin, and the consequences of both. He believes that the resources provided in the Scriptures, coupled with the power of God through His Spirit, are more than adequate.’ 


I recommend Dr. Berger’s book to biblical counselors, Christian integrationists, secular counselors in the helping fields, and anyone who would study this topic of human behavior to help them understand the truth about the schizophrenia construct. This book will help you to discern what is real and what is not so that you can provide real hope and help for struggling souls.”— Mark W. Williams, Pastor, Tumbling Shoals Baptist Church, T.S., AR, Executive Assistant, Institute for Nouthetic Studies, Adjunct Professor of Biblical Counseling, Spurgeon College at Midwestern Seminary, ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor



“Once again Dr. Berger has systematically exposed the false foundation of the psychiatric establishment with its intransigent attachment to a reductionist evolutionary biological model to account for the complexities of human behavior. Chapter by chapter, he delineates the ignoble history of psychiatry and outlines the course that has brought us to this current predicament.  This current model is now wedded with corporate interests further ossifying their beliefs and furthering its dissemination.  Philosopher Abraham Kaplan declared as the law of the instrument that “we tend to formulate our problems in such a way as to make it seem that the solutions to those problems demand precisely what we already happen to have at hand.” Current psychiatric theory is promulgated by those who only have hammers in their tool belt. Berger exposes not only this gross handicap and the sinister origins of this frame of reference but also that the current fruit of their labors has yielded not a reduction in mental illness but rather an explosion of its growth. 


Recognizing the current push in genomics, Dr. Berger adroitly refutes this obsession with genetics as a new vehicle to explain human motivation and behavior. He cogently dissembles the underpinnings of their evidence, thereby exposing their lack of cohesion and integrity.  He reveals the inadequacies in our understanding and the very insufficiencies in genetics themselves to explain the intricacies of the human condition. Also, Dr. Berger correctly surmises the conflict with individual degeneration processes and materialism on one side and universal degeneration processes and dualism on the opposite.  


For those committed to critically assessing our presumptions, I highly recommend they read this book. Unfortunately, as medical science is increasingly becoming fraught with agenda-driven research with its selective data sets and conclusions, it is frankly harder to find sincere work driven by a hunger to truly help those who are suffering. We have untethered ourselves from core biblical beliefs with their corresponding moral foundations and allowed ourselves to voyage in the sea of subjectivism and individualism.  But that is not what is asked of us. Rather, as we have received consolation, we are to console others. As such, we need men to stand in the gap and unwaveringly declare that which is false as well as pronounce that which is true. I thank Dr. Berger for staying the course and not keeping his lamp under a basket but allowing others to see the truth that sets us free.”— Atam V. Abbi, MD


“As someone who was given the label of paranoid schizophrenia, I can attest that schizophrenia is a made-up disease concept, a unicorn as Dr. Berger has exposed. Psychiatry is a self-serving entity which has grossly neglected its patients in favor of a biological approach to mental, emotional, and spiritual suffering. I was not suffering from a brain disease. I was suffering from soul sickness, a spiritual crisis which required a traumatic experience that led me to a spiritual approach. For nineteen years, I was left in that mental state until I found healing. It was my strong belief and faith in God and Jesus Christ that led to healing my soul of all its past psychological and spiritual injuries. 


I highly recommend Dr. Berger's book. It is an eye opener. It is incredibly honest and brilliantly written. He leaves no stone unturned. He fills in all the missing parts that psychiatry has greatly ignored in its effort to prop up the brain disease theory.”— Tracey Higgins, Author and Advocate  



In The Schizophrenic Unicorn, Dr. Berger reveals the current psychiatric construct of schizophrenia to be as “the emperor who has no clothes.” This well-researched book offers the reader overwhelming data and sufficient reason to question the etiology of the psychiatric diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, substance use disorders, and ADHD. Dr. Berger’s research also highlights the significance that sleep disturbance has on human biology and how sleep deficits directly affect the diagnoses mentioned above.


While the darkened minds and hearts of the modern secular mental health culture dismiss the Bible as little more than a foolish comfort measure (1 Cor. 2:14-16), Dr. Berger brings many biblical insights and practical applications from Scripture to those diagnosed as mentally ill and reminds the reader that it is sufficient for the care of their souls. The Schizophrenic Unicorn is a must-read for Substance Abuse Professionals and anyone involved in helping professions.”— Larry Ganschow, Biblical Counselor, CRADC, SQP, MARS. 



“Biblical counselor or not, I would highly encourage anyone who interacts with those diagnosed with Schizophrenia to read The Schizophrenic Unicorn. Even those who would not give credence to biblical counseling as valid would greatly benefit from interacting with Dr. Berger’s writing. I have read very few books that are as well written, well researched, and yet easily applied as Dr. Berger’s book. By the time I finished the book, I was convinced of three things: (1) The secular psychological world is not convinced that Schizophrenia is a real mental disorder. (2) Scripture is replete with help for those struggling with issues that have been placed under the Schizophrenic construct. (3) I am very capable of walking alongside someone who has been given this diagnosis. Dr. Berger’s excellent balance between writing with the academician in mind, while at the same time providing biblical help and guidance for counselors, is a rare gem. The world of biblical counseling needs more resources of this caliber, resources that rival secular academics as well as thoroughly equip the biblical counselor.”— Ben Marshall, D.Ed. Min, Executive Director for Freedom That Lasts, Fellow for The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, Commissioned with The Addiction Connection


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