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Teaching A Child to Pay Attention: Proverbs 4:20-27

Parenting and education are hard, and little frustrates an authority more than a child who refuses or seems unable to pay attention. In the face of this frustration, some parents resort to counseling and even medication. Yet Scripture offers proven counsel for parents to implement into their homes. Teaching a Child to Pay Attention compassionately examines this problem from a biblical perspective. Building on his first book, The Truth about ADHD: Genuine Hope and Biblical Answers, Dr. Berger shows that problems with attention are not specific to children diagnosed as having ADHD rather these problems are universal: all children must be taught to pay attention rightly. This premise, along with the belief that the Scriptures addresses the child's education, provides the framework for the solution. These two ideas make this book, like the first one, a no-nonsense yet compassionate guide to genuine hope for frustrated parents. It offers parents and teachers a step-by-step plan from Proverbs for teaching a child to pay attention rightly and helping them to succeed.

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