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These testimonies are true stories submitted by real people, used with their permission, and are not meant to be taken as medical advice.

Dr. and Mrs. Ronnie G. Grizzle, Pastor

Our family home had been run by ADHD for nearly 12 years, until the tide changed in the fall of 2015.  My wife and I had exhausted every option that we had (at least that is what we thought) until hearing Dr. Daniel Berger, II at a SCACS conference in Greenville, SC.  Let me give you some background:

For years we had taken our pediatricians at their word, going from being told that our son may possibly have a tumor causing his behavior issues, to the point of medicating him till he was not quite a zombie and yet, not quite normal either.  We had resigned ourselves to praying he would grow out of it or that the pharmaceutical companies would finally come up with the “miracle” pill that would not have to be changed every so often when the pediatrician’s ran out of dosage options for the current “in” drug. Our son also had what we were told was ODD, (Opposition Defiant Disorder), and unfortunately he had the violent outbursts to “prove” it. He was also introverted and would barely talk with people and seemed antisocial. He never slept through an entire night. All of this just compounding over the years into what we thought was a hopeless situation. 

So here are two typical Christian parents who have taken the word of various pediatric doctors and neurologists that our only hope was in medicating our son and hoping that by the time he became an adult he would learn to deal with his “issues.”  

Fast forward to the fall of 2015 and the Greenville, SC, SCACS Conference.  My wife was attending representing our children’s school and I attended as a volunteer parent to help double up on the information gathering.  She attended Dr. Berger’s lecture that morning and was extremely excited afterwards and had tons of notes. She was convinced and after long conversation over dinner and another session listening to Dr. Berger the next day, and more excited conversation, she had convinced me too of the need to really look into what this man was saying because we had never heard some of this stuff before. It was totally opposite of what we had been hearing from pediatricians for years. 

We purchased Dr. Berger’s books: The Truth about ADHD: Genuine Hope and Biblical Answers and Teaching a Child to Pay Attention: Proverbs 4:20-27.  These books really opened our eyes to the realities about ADHD and real solutions. Dr. Berger has taken the writings and information from the “experts” themselves and has opened up the truth concerning ADHD and children.  He has more than proved to us that the abnormal behaviors we had been experiencing for years, were really in fact normal (though they were difficult to deal with).  Our child was being a child. Dr. Berger was able to show us from God’s Word that what he was sharing with us was nothing more than the truth and what we had been told for years was in essence rubbish, because he was able to refute from Scripture what they were espousing as fact.  

My wife and I, after reading both books, made the decision together to talk with our son about coming off of his "medication"; though Dr. Berger never suggests that in his books or when he speaks. In fact, he counseled us to see our physician if we desired to stop taking drugs. We came to realize that if ADHD is not an illness and our son is not abnormal, then why are we drugging him? We were concerned about side effects and withdrawal as we had been through the weaning off and low dose startups with old and new medicines.  Our son embraced the idea so we talked to his teachers and administrators at school to let them know what we were planning on doing.  They were as anxious to see what was going to happen as we were. 

Now, it makes no sense to me to treat a hyperactivity disorder with a stimulant, but that is what we learned had been going on all these years with our son.  So after twelve years of stimulants, you can imagine that when he stopped cold turkey (our mutual decision), he slept for nearly two days; even in class. I must say, God answered prayer! We had been praying for years for God to help the medicine to work, when all we should have been doing was praying for God to help our son deal with his naturally depraved nature and childishness and to help us be the parents we ought to be. 

Our son’s behavior did a complete 180 degree turn.  After the two days of sleep, he finally started sleeping through the nights, and his behavior completely changed.  He became more responsible, more respectful and helpful.  His outbursts were a thing of the past. Is he perfect, not by any means, but who is? He is as perfect as a 15 year old can be.  We really could not believe the change that occurred. We now have a son who will carry on a conversation with others without being “forced” to. He has even begun helping elderly people in the church to get around, something he would never do before.  He is able to concentrate much better and his teachers have said he is a different child in school and actually participates in class now. He takes the initiative to do things now instead of waiting to be told. 

My wife and I highly recommend Dr. Berger’s books for anyone who is serious about truly helping their child overcome what has become epidemic in our society. The Truth About ADHD is more academic and systematically exposes how the idea of ADHD is being sold, while the book Teaching a Child to Pay Attention is a more practical book and filled with vital information.  When a child acts childish and commits childish sins, instead of throwing a pill at it, we need to truly take it to God in prayer and look to His Word for guidance.  Dr. Berger’s books will take you from the diagnosis to the scripture and show you God’s prescription for overcoming behavioral issues. 

If you desire a Biblical solution to your child’s behavioral problems, please, take the time to read Dr. Berger’s works and implement them in your child’s life.  You will not be sorry.  God truly is the answer to all of mankind’s problems.


Dr. and Mrs. Joe Cummins, Pharmacologist

As the father of a son diagnosed as schizophrenic, I found these books by Dr. Daniel Berger to be extremely valuable. I wish these well-written and well-researched books had been available before my son was placed on harmful drugs fifteen years ago. He was forced to be on medication or face the threat of losing the meagre amount of money he had for food and shelter.  Not once in fifteen years was it ever mentioned that his schizophrenia could be overcome with anything except drugs.We placed all our hopes in some future “magic bullet” drug. My son was deceived by Big Pharma, psychiatrists and so-called mental healthcare professionals for years and was not clinically improved by any of the many drugs (often in combination) he was given. It is past time for the truth to be told. Dr. Berger reveals the faults in diagnosis and treatment of mental illness with drugs and points out what some mental health experts have been saying that goes against the powerful forces of Big Pharma, FDA,  Institutes of Mental Health, etc.: drugs do not cure mental illness. Drugs are designed to make a lot of money for the manufacturers and the pushers, not to improve the life of my son or the lives of many others diagnosed with mental illness. It is my hope that other families can read Dr. Berger’s books and avoid the heartbreak of my son’s fate. 

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