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The Chemical Imbalance Delusion


“In The Chemical Imbalance Delusion, Berger presents a fresh and simplified navigational tool on a topic that is often overwhelming to those who have been told they have a chemical imbalance. This book is also a helpful resource for the caretakers, friends, families and others in a relationship with the impacted patient. For me, The Chemical Imbalance Delusion is a book I truly feel that anyone can pick up, read, and learn more about a subject we in the pharmaceutical industry are so passionate about, which is important. It has been my experience, that people who are told that their problems are caused by a chemical imbalance are left searching for answers, understanding, paths forward, help, and hope. This book serves as a well-presented guide and educational tool to help navigate such hardships and discover vital answers.”


  • Katy Sorrells, CQA, Pharmaceutical Quality Engineer

“The ‘Chemical Imbalance’ hypothesis was a well-crafted marketing tool concocted by biological psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychopharmacologists in attempt to explain maladaptive thinking and behavior. For the last several decades, advocates of the medical model to approach the ‘psyche’ have utilized and popularized the belief that they could balance the ever-changing neurochemistry of the functioning brain and normalize or correct the undefined out-of-order-state of mind and behaviors they call mental/psychiatric illness. But apart from identifiable organic brain pathologies and clear objective biological damages, it is unrealistic to correlate ‘mental illnesses’ to alleged chemical imbalances. The unproven chemical imbalancehypothesis,as repeatedly exposed by credible neuroscientists, pharmacologists, and other professionals, represents a perfect example of the pseudoscience that psychology and psychiatry promote as genuine science. 


To legitimize the pseudoscience of the chemical imbalance theory of mental illness, leaders of the biological approach have introduced a wide-range of psychoactive or psychotropic drugs. Sadly, we now have more scientific fact-based proof than ever before that psychiatrists induce chemical imbalances in patients when they prescribe these neurotoxins and claim them as healing medicines. What is certain about these drugs is that ‘psychotropic/active’ drugs will act as neuro-glial toxins and iatrogenically can and will, indeed, bring about ‘chemical imbalances.’ When these toxins are in a person’s system long term, ‘withdrawal syndrome’ (symptoms) will likely be observed due to the often-irreversible organic brain damage the drugs naturally produce.


The most common effects of psychotropic/psychoactive medications are suppression of emotions and blunting of mental awareness, which further isolate patients from a healing social environment. This effect—though it may be therapeutic to not feel bad—leads to reality and social detachment and physical impairments, and this effect is what many biological psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychopharmacologists consider to be ‘treatment.’Indeed, as Dr. Daniel Berger exposes in The Chemical Imbalance Delusion, such a medical model and treatment approach to so-called mental illness has a long-history of failure and horrendous outcomes.


It is a delight to see Dr. Berger’s new book, which demonstrates both how the chemical imbalance hypothesis is a delusion and provides a great starting point in reconsidering the failed Kraepelinian model of mental illness. There is no doubt that this book could be eye-opening to a wide group of people—including but not limited to psychiatrists, psychologists, psychopharmacologists, biologists, theologians, and other think-tanks. In addition, this book should be used in all major Universities as a course-book for undergraduate and postgraduate psychology, psychiatry, pharmacology, biology, and law students.”       


  • John K. Marturos, MD, PHD, cellular and molecular biologist, and translational researcher on drug discovery and targeted therapy


“The Nation and its mental disorders are controlled by psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies too often motivated by greed and maintained by pseudoscience. Millions of doses of poison are being sold and pushed on the public—though these chemicals are promoted as necessary medicines. Our only hope is to accept the truths being declared by people like Dr. Daniel Berger who beat the drum of truth loud enough for us to hear. Berger is a voice in the wilderness that must be heard, and this book, The Chemical Imbalance Delusion, needs to be read by everyone.”


  • Joseph M. Cummins, DVM, PHD, Researcher and Pharmacologist


“Dr. Berger’s book is a great compilation of undeniable evidence that shows just how misleading the present standard of care is. We, as health care providers, canonly help people if we know and propagate the truth: the pill is NOT the solution. The mind must be renewed! It can be so harmful to take pills for decades and wrongly believe that medication melts away inner conflicts and/or fixes harmful or destructive behaviors. I am grateful to have read The Chemical Imbalance Delusion, as it clarifies so much of what I had suspected all these years; this discovery makes me enthusiastic, since it also encourages me to share my faith in the Lord who alone renews the mind.”


  • Christina Biester, MD and Clinical Supervisor


“I am indebted to Dr. Berger for his exposé of the engineered deception of Big Pharma and its complicit professionals. I, too, was duped by the supposed pathophysiology of psychiatric disease based on the ‘science’ of neurotransmitter disequilibrium. While we have been able to quantify dysfunction in other organ symptoms, we as medical professionals and scientists have failed to do the same in the discipline of the mind and the brain. 


InTheChemical Imbalance Delusion, Dr. Berger has unraveled the morass of this deception steeped in the pursuit of profit and carried out in the name of pride. This information is integral to our care of the psyche/soul of our patients. He has shown that we can no longer, in good conscience, reach into our black box and judicially prescribe medicines that have no good evidence of efficacy and, in fact, cause significant harm to our patients. 


Dr. Berger has likewise shown how we as a society have been co-opted because we want to deflect our individual responsibility for our situation onto something innate that we ostensibly have little control over and require an outside agent (i.e. drugs) to remedy. Tragically, once we have been enslaved by these psycho-pharmaceuticals, we find ourselves in bonds that may not be easily loosed. I thank Dr. Berger that because of this revelation, I now work to liberate individuals who have been disabled by years of psychiatric drug therapy. There is an answer to our deep heart needs and our fallen condition and that is repentance and surrender to the Jesus, as only He can bring true healing to our souls.”


  • Atam Abbi, MD 


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