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Mental Illness: The Necessity for Faith and Authority (Vol. 1)

Since the 1950s, the American Psychiatric Association has controlled both the definitions, theories, diagnoses, and suggested remedies for mental illness. Many intelligent, well-educated, and well-meaning people have blindly accepted the secular construct of mental illness without investigating the underlying theories, histories, or answering foundational questions necessary to form a construct of mental illness (e.g. - What is the standard of normalcy from which psychiatric abnormalities are created?). Some have chosen to refrain from conversations out of ignorance or fear of hurting and distancing themselves from friends or family who are labeled as mentally ill. Still others have taken dogmatic positions often erring on the side of ignoring truth or disregarding empathy. The time for society (and especially Christians and those who help others to change) to logically and carefully examine the current mental health system is well overdue. This book begins that discussion, and the series on Mental Illness seeks to objectively challenge the current ideology while providing a proven alternative approach. It is a well thought-out and heavily researched effort that is sure to challenge your thinking and bring clarity to many confounding issues and questions surrounding the construct known as mental illness.

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