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Dr. Daniel R. Berger II is the lead pastor at Faith Fellowship Church in Clarence, NY (, the founder and director of Alethia International Ministries (AIM), and serves as the director of Faith Biblical Counseling Center. When He is not with his family and church family, Daniel continues to write and to speak around the world in churches, organizations, medical communities, and at various counseling and teacher's conferences. He is also an experienced pastor, counselor, school administrator, and the author of fourteen books, which focus on biblical counseling, biblical phenomenology, practical theology, education, parenting, and the history and philosophy behind the current mental health construct. Daniel earned his B.S. in counseling, an M.S. in counseling/psychology, an M.A. in pastoral studies, and a doctorate in pastoral theology. 


Daniel is also an adjunct professor at several Universities and seminaries-including serving as the director of a post-grad degree at SEBI (Brasilia, Brazil) in Biblical Counseling, which is specifically focused on understanding the construct of mental illness from a biblical perspective (epistemology) and establishing a biblical phenomenology for mindsets, emotions, and behaviors claimed to be abnormal within secular thinking. Daniel is also commissioned with The Addiction Connection, and he teaches adjunctly at Strengthening Ministries Training Institute (SMTI) (Pretoria, South Africa), Igreja Batista Pedra Viva (Sao Paolo, Brazil), Kyiv Bible Seminary (Ukraine), and Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Plymouth, Minnesota).


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