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Mental Illness: The Influence of Nurture (Vol. 4)

The Nature vs. Nurture debate has existed since Sir Frances Galton first introduced the idea that the mind is determined by a person’s genes and not his environment. It was at this point in history that both the evolutionary theory (under Galton’s half cousin Charles Darwin) of the mind and the eugenics movement were born. Shortly thereafter, schools of psychiatry began to argue over whether nature caused mental illness or whether nurture was responsible for human reactions. Romantic psychiatrists argued that life’s experiences caused people to go mad, while biological psychiatrists argued that genes, the nervous system, and bodily chemicals determined mental, emotional, and behavioral states. As this book addresses, though, there is a great difference in claiming that mental states and behaviors are caused by biology and environments and in recognizing that these realities can and often do influence the way people think and live. Are proposed psychiatric disorders illnesses—biologically or environmentally determined, or are they simply reactions that can be reversed or overcome?

This book not only discusses the history of some of the most prominent psychiatric disorders – such as schizophrenia, bipolar, PTSD, and anxiety, but it also explains how every aspect/nuance of these labels is addressed in the Bible. Furthermore, it explores how nurture influences many of these mindsets that have been transformed into psychiatric diagnoses. This book provides reliable and validated truth that can remedy the most complex mental condition and change the worst maladaptive behavior. These solutions are found primarily in Scripture, but that is not to say that objective research does not agree with God’s Word. In fact, as the reader will learn, what secularists claim to be confounding psychiatric illnesses are better understood as common but impairing human nature.

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