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What professionals are saying about the books:

“Dr. Berger unveils the various masks of the cultural depression narrative. The current construct of depression is challenged not merely with questions but answers to bring clarity, amid the ambiguity, that has been so prevalent in our current Christian thinking. Utilizing respected secular authors, he makes a clear case that competing philosophies have been held in high esteem for far too long and that we should recover a biblical view of the very real human experiences of sadness, sorrow, and deep despair. The fruit of Berger’s labor has the potential to shift paradigms held tightly in our Christian circles for nearly eighty years. We know that ideas always have consequences and Berger’s work kindly cautions us to connect the dots between our theology, philosophies, and counseling practices.”

                                   - Dr. T. Dale Johnson, Executive Director, ACBC and Associate Professor of Biblical                                                Counseling, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Dr. Berger provides a biblical orthodoxy and approach to some of the most complex psychiatric constructs (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar, and PTSD). Thorough examinations of the history and philosophies that are widely responsible for creating these failed psychiatric labels supply the reader with answers to many of the questions which psychiatry and other social theorists have failed to provide and are incapable of providing. Dr. Berger provides hope as he clearly explains how Christ is sufficient to remedy the mind from mental turmoil and distress, and he explains how the so-called "abnormal" mindsets, emotions, and behaviors in question are in fact aspects of mankind’s fallen condition. I highly recommend this book and Berger's entire series on Mental Illness to anyone looking for reliable biblical remedies to our all-too human struggles.”

-          John Rosemond, renegade psychologist

and author of 20 books on parenting and family issues.

"Dr. Berger knows more about conventional psychiatry than most psychiatrists do; but he has not been captured by professionalism. He acts on his Christian beliefs by being his own kind helper, a man who breathes his Christian faith into everything he does, from his trenchant and highly informed critique of modern psychiatry to his Biblical approach to helping people with even the most serious emotional overwhelms, including psychosis."

- Dr. Peter Breggin, M.D.

Former full-time consultant for the National Institute of Mental Health

Psychiatrist, professor, author, and founder of The Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy    


"With careful research and hard-hitting citations, Daniel Berger skillfully separates a great many facts from a great many fictions in the current discussion of the physical body and mental illness. He celebrates the nobility of good science. and bemoans the religion of scientism. He traces the limits of our knowledge and stresses the need for revelation from God. As a reader you will walk away with both a renewed sense of appreciation for the majesty and mystery of our physical nature and, shortly thereafter, a healthy skepticism toward the claims of the woefully unproven brain-dysfunction theory of mental illness. Clarity, accuracy, and fidelity—this is what the discussion needs. In Mental Illness, this is what you get."

- Dr. John Henderson

The Biblical Counseling Coalition - Board of Directors

Association of Biblical Counselors - Board of Directors

“I am grateful to Dr. Berger for his exhaustive work in delving into various secular writers, psychiatrists and researchers and distilling the essence of their insights. He has adroitly exposed the charade that is the psychiatric paradigm of mental illness in general, and in this excellent work, madness in particular. I once was proud of my insight into psychiatric illness and would routinely assess and treat patients from that mindset.   

       Thankfully, God through faith and revelation has freed me from that deception. He has used Dr. Berger’s work to show that we may trust Jesus and not the world for the deep-seated answers for all our needs. Dr. Berger has effectively countered the secular mindset, and no matter how elaborate their information or how dominant their position may seem, they are still living in a house of cards. Our faith is established on the solid rock of the Living Word, Jesus, and He is truth. To be sane we need the mind of Christ, and apart from Him, we are all mad. 

       Dr. Berger has shown that mainstream psychiatry is really foundationless, built on shifting sands. The very psychiatrists who help build that house admit it. I know that my practice has positively changed by reading Dr. Berger’s books—to the benefit of my patients and to the glory of God.” 

                                                                                                                           -        Dr. Atam Abbi, M.D.


"Dr. Berger's book is an awesome compilation and thorough demonstration  of how ineffective secular psychology and psychiatry are in really helping people to heal. Surprisingly engaging, this series of books is an indispensable tool for any clinician and care-giver who is also a professing Christian and wants to render the best care for his/her patients. These books sound a much-needed wake up call for believing professionals like me to offer decidedly God-focused care and to show the way of salvation wherever needed/acknowledged. I am praying for more opportunities to show my patients that their symptoms are not just problems waiting to be fixed but indicators that it is time to draw near to Jesus."

- Dr. Christina Biester, M.D.

Former Psychiatric Clinician, Clinical Supervisor

"I commend Dr. Daniel Berger for his series on the construct of mental illness. It is interesting and enlightening. In these five volumes he addresses the concept that we are both physical and spiritual and that we all (not just some of the world’s population) need to have our minds and behaviors changed. He also addresses the idea that understanding the true nature of mankind is fundamental to treating mental problems. Physicians, counselors, therapists, and pastors alike must understand that the sovereign God is ready to save us from our mental, emotional, and behavioral problems and restore our souls. There is hope, and biblical counselors and physicians should work in conjunction with each other to address the entirety of each patient. I highly recommend this series on mental illness to every professional and anyone interested in knowing more about this significant topic."

- Dr. Hughe Clarke


"As the father of a son diagnosed as schizophrenic, I found these books by Dr. Daniel Berger to be extremely valuable. I wish these well-written and well-researched books had been available before my son was placed on harmful drugs fifteen years ago. He was forced to be on medication or face the threat of losing the meagre amount of money he had for food and shelter.  Not once in fifteen years was it ever mentioned that his schizophrenia could be overcome with anything except drugs.We placed all our hopes in some future “magic bullet” drug. My son was deceived by Big Pharma, psychiatrists and so-called mental healthcare professionals for years and was not clinically improved by any of the many drugs (often in combination) he was given. It is past time for the truth to be told. Dr. Berger reveals the faults in diagnosis and treatment of mental illness with drugs and points out what some mental health experts have been saying that goes against the powerful forces of Big Pharma, FDA, Institutes of Mental Health, etc.: psychoactive drugs do not cure mental illness. These drugs are designed to make a lot of money for the manufacturers and the pushers, not to improve the life of my son or the lives of many others diagnosed with mental illness. It is my hope that other families can read Dr. Berger’s books and avoid the heartbreak of my son’s fate." 

- Pharmacologist, Joseph M. Cummins, DVM, PhD

Former Researcher at the University of Illinois and Texas A&M

"It was with eager anticipation I began reading this final volume in the Mental Illness series, and I was not disappointed. With great care and enormous amounts of documentation, Daniel Berger has exposed the nefarious underpinnings of the mental health and psychotropic medication industries. This book clearly reveals that the public has been exposed to a scam of enormous scope and proportion. His research reveals there is little medical evidence to support the claims of biological illness on which the psychological system is based. Whatever cannot be proven to be physical (material) is spiritual (immaterial). There is no doubt that spiritual issues are being marketed as diseases of the mind, and that the psychopharmacology industry is attempting to biologically treat issues of the soul. They are endeavoring to reframe our fallen condition apart from the Creator who knows us best, and to short circuit the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the suffering saint. As a biblical counselor, I believe that our authority to help those not proven to be biologically sick proceeds from the Word of God. I have long believed medications are over prescribed to persons who might receive greater benefit from biblical counseling for their spiritual issues, and Daniel's research completely supports this position.  The information in this book is so important, it will be required reading for the students in our biblical counseling training program."

- Julie Ganschow

Author of Seeing Depression Through the Eyes of Grace, and The Process of Biblical Change

ACBC, IABC, AABC Certified Biblical Counselor and Board of Directors

Director, Reigning Grace Counseling Center

"Dr. Berger makes a compelling argument for the dualist nature of man and the influence of neuroplasticity and faith on our physical nature and behavior."

- Dr. Elliot Hirshorn

Functional Neurologist and

Director at New Life Functional Neurology and Endocrinology


“Daniel Berger’s book provides a thorough apologetic for the sufficiency of Scripture in dealing with the spiritual issues described by the psychiatric label ‘depression.’ He delivers an enlightening discussion of the pervasive influence of the secular psychiatric world in ‘medicalizing’ the experiences of depression and bipolar, including the difficult subject of mania. Citing both secular and biblical sources, this scholarly book provides an important perspective for anyone who desires to more fully understand this common human suffering. The book will promote confidence for those utilizing biblical truth to counsel those afflicted with despair. We highly recommend this resource for every Christian’s library!”

- Pamela Gannon, RN, MABC and Dr. Daniel Gannon, MD; Dan is a retired orthopedic surgeon, living in Montana with his wife, Pam, who worked as an RN clinical specialist in surgical critical care and studied medicine for two years at Michigan State University. She has served as a biblical counselor at Grace Bible Church in Bozeman since 2000. She is co-author of the book, In the Aftermath: Past the Pain of Childhood Sexual Abuse.She and her husband are frequent speakers on medical issues for ACBC conferences, are both ACBC certified and serve as adjunct professors at Montana Bible College.


“Dr. Daniel Berger is a gift to the body of Christ. The Lord has given him special insight into biblical psychology—the study of the soul (psyche) through the filter of God’s Word (logos). The ‘psychology’ of the world is not psychology at all, but an anti-God worldview designed to create a humanistic method to solve people’s problems. The most intriguing aspect of Dr. Berger’s book is that he uses humanistic theorists’ words to affirm their fallacies. But he does not stop with using their thoughts to debunk their false theories; he gives you a theological framework derived from God’s Word that provides practical answers to the reality of madness. If you want to have a clearer understanding of mental illness, let this book, The Insanity of Madness, be your starting point. You’ll love it!” 

                                                                                           -  Rick Thomas, author, speaker, instructor, counselor


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