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Listen to an interview with Rick Thomas about the book
The Insanity of Madness: Defining Mental Illness

For much of the twentieth century, psychiatry, psychology and social theory have held that mental illness, historically known as madness, cannot be objectively defined. This fluidity of concept is especially striking in light of the dogmatism that continues to characterize these fields of study and practice. However, the unmistakable failure to effectively treat the widespread evidence of mental struggle points to the possibility that psychiatric theory has gotten something wrong or missed something at the foundational level. Could it be that mental illness is recognizable across all cultures and all eras, that it has a clear definition which was directly stated in the past and is still clearly observed in modern psychiatry's DSM disorders?


This book explores what mental illness or madness is objectively; furthermore, it asserts that mental illness does indeed have a clear definition, a distinct cause and a reliable remedy. No one will argue the fact that the diagnoses of mental illness are of epidemic proportions. But this does not have to be the case: the remedy is clear; the madness can stop.


“I am grateful to Dr. Berger for his exhaustive work in delving into various secular writers, psychiatrists and researchers and distilling the essence of their insights. He has adroitly exposed the charade that is the psychiatric paradigm of mental illness in general, and in this excellent work, madness in particular. I once was proud of my insight in psychiatric illness and would routinely assess and treat patients from that mindset.   

       Thankfully, God through faith and revelation, has freed me from that deception. He has used Dr. Berger’s work to show that we may trust Jesus and not the world for the deep-seated answers for all our needs. Dr. Berger has effectively countered the secular mindset and no matter how elaborate their information, or how dominant their position may seem, they are still living in a house of cards. Our faith is established on the solid rock of the Living Word, Jesus and He is truth. To be sane we need the mind of Christ, and apart from Him, we are all mad.

       Dr. Berger has shown that mainstream psychiatry is really foundationless, built on shifting sands. The very psychiatrists who help build that house admit it. I know that my practice has positively changed by reading Dr. Berger’s books, to the benefit of my patients and to the glory of God.”

Dr. Atam Abbi, M.D.


“Dr. Daniel Berger is a gift to the body of Christ. The Lord has given him special insight into biblical psychology—the study of the soul (psyche) through the filter of God’s Word (logos). The ‘psychology’ of the world is not psychology at all, but an anti-God worldview designed to create a humanistic method to solve people’s problems. The most intriguing aspect of Dr. Berger’s book is that he uses their words to affirm their fallacies. But he does not stop with using their thoughts to debunk their false theories; he gives you a theological framework derived from God’s Word that provides practical answers to the reality of madness. If you want to have a clearer understanding of mental illness, let this book, The Insanity of Madness, be your starting point. You’ll love it!”

Rick Thomas, author, speaker, instructor, and counselor



“The modern day mental health system has become one of the greatest tools of the deceiver to lead many souls away from the infallible, inerrant, and unchanging truths of the Gospel. Dr. Berger humbly presents the truth to those who have rejected or attempt to redefine the truth of God’s word. I believe the pages of this book will leave the unbeliever and the skeptic without excuse and will reveal why their system continues to fail. Wisdom cries out from each page and points the reader back to God’s Word, the only source of truth and hope for those who are blinded by the god of this age. I pray that many souls will come to their senses and be released from one of the greatest deceptions of our day.” 


Pastor Jeff Colón Mdiv, President of Lighthouse Biblical Counseling Center, IABC Exec. Board Member


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